“Great things in business never done by one person They’re done by a team of people”.  It’s a famous quote by Steve jobs and he is a hard believer in this. Being an entrepreneur is not simple. The major problems challenged by startup ventures are Team, Ecosystem, Mentors and Financial support. But Luckily, through an internship at LXI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., he nourished and achieved his goal of transforming into an entrepreneur.


During this age, before completing his degree he took this as a challenge to expose his potential and to discover what he can. He always believed in himself rather than anything else. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task to handle, but handling challenges is what makes one strong enough. He got a perfect platform through internship at LXI technologies Pvt. Ltd. having a lot of skilled and more creative people and along with them, he is preparing for a better future ahead with a strong belief in ‘myself’.”